Services to individuals

Our accounting office, with responsibility and affordable prices, undertakes various services towards private individuals, salaried and retired.

Our services,

  • Preparation and electronic submission of all returns concerning the income taxation E1/E2 and real estate E9.
  • Direct print of valid pay check after the submission of returns.
  • Handling your relevant cases to the competent Tax Office (ΔΟΥ) such as, the creation of your Tax Identification Number (TIN) & submission of supplementary tax returns from previous years.
  • Calculation of token of purchase and conservation. Filling the consumption form of already taxable capital.
  • Income tax clearance before the submission of the return.
  •  Preparation and submission of applications for rent subsidy.
  • Parental benefits, inheritance issues, real estate transfers, Cadastral applications.
  • Advice and support on tax issues that concern you.
  •  Creation of prentice-hall.
  • Submission of tax returns and receipt from Tax Office (ΔΟΥ ).

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